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PC Repair
Web Page Development
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Data Recovery/ Backup
Electronic Recycling

- Data Destruction: Are you getting rid of an old computer?  Are you cleaning out all those old CD discs?  Are you dumping old backups?  If so, they all probably have sensitive, financial, and personal data on them.  If that were to get into the wrong hands your identity could be stolen and your life ruined.  We have tools and systems that will completely destroy the data and the discs.




 - Wireless Network Set-up: We will set-up a secure wireless network for your computers or devices. We can also setup your Wii, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 for use with your new wireless network.

 - Disc Repair: Is your DVD scratched and not playing? Is your XBOX game not loading? We can repair the discs. Some discs may be too badly damaged for repair.




 - Custom Built PC: We build high quality machines that last. We use all the best parts available, and would rather not skimp on things like the big manufacturers will do. Sure our system will cost you more than if you run down to WalMart and buy one, but who will help you if you have problems? What happens, if in 6 months, your hard drive fails? We support our customers and take care of them right away. We will take the time to sit with you, find out your needs, and build a system that works for you. With our systems you get a full 1 year in shop warranty on parts and labor. We also give you a free 6 month physical clean out and checkup.

 - Home Theater Set-up: Do you need your components connected or your Flat Screen LCD HDTV mounted to the wall? We know things can get pretty complicated when trying to connect components. We can handle your audio and video component setup. From wiring to fine tuning, call us to find out what we can do for you!


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