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Have an idea for a video game? How about an app? Let us know and we may be able to help out. Augmented Reality is a good tool to help businesses stand out from their competition. An example of Augmented Reality is below. Give us a call with your idea and we will see what we can do to make your dreams a reality. Prices will be discussed.
Below is an example of Augmented Reality for Android Phones:

Step 1: Download the .apk for Android here and install it on your phone or scan the QRC code to the right and download the app to your Android phone.  You should be able to scan the code on your monitor from your phone.

Step 2: Download the image target here. Once the image target is downloaded then either print it off or pull it up on your monitor.

Step 3: Open up the app that you downloaded and point the phone's camera at the image target.  A raptor will pop out from the image target.

It should look like the image below:

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