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- Diagnostics: We will do a complete work over on your computer based on what you are saying is wrong with it.  We will sit down with you and explain what we have to do to get you going again and give you an estimate of the repairs from the beginning.  If we experience unexpected repairs, we will always contact you before doing the repairs. 


 - Virus and Malware (Adware & Spyware) Removal: Viruses used to be merely a joke or a prank, but they have since evolved into serious threats, most of them now try to steal from you.  Most viruses are completely hidden.  They silently infect while trying to steal your passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, and your identity.  We have the tools to remove spyware or viruses and the anti-virus software to keep you safe in the future. Viruses, malware and spyware are the most common reasons that your computer will act strange or start operating slowly.  You may be receiving annoying pop-ups or maybe your hard drive is constantly working.  These are a couple of signs that your computer could be infected with spyware. Let us help.  Some common types of malware are: Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojan Horses, Rootkits, Keyloggers, Dialers, Worms.


 - PC Tune-up: If your computer is really slow, freezing up, displaying error messages, or won't even boot up, we can help. We love to solve problems like this! When you bring your PC in for a Tune-up, it will receive all of the following services: 

        Full Updating of the Operating System, Drivers and Applications 

         Repair Boot Failures 

         Removal of all known Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware infections 

        Error Checking & De-fragmenting of all hard disks 

         Other diagnostic work required to fix individual problems

         Optimize the Operating Systems Boot Sequence

        Clean Fans and Case


- Hardware Troubleshooting, Repairs, Installs & Upgrades: There are times when computers do weird things (the technical term) and you just need some help sorting it out. We like weird things; they make our day more interesting. We can troubleshoot, so bring us those weird problems that we can help with. From your screen going wacky to your power supply smoking or your fans making noise, we can help get your computer on the right track.  We can also do upgrades like adding more memory, adding RAM, etc.  Just got a new printer or scanner and donít know how to install it?  We can do that to.


- Software Troubleshooting, Repairs & Upgrades: Did your printer stop working? How about your sound? Did it suddenly just stop working? We can help get your drivers and the proper software to fix these problems and any other software issue. We can also install software for you such as Microsoft Office, printers, games, cameras, mp3 players, webcams, anything that needs to be installed or fixed


- Laptop Troubleshooting and Repair: As laptops have become more popular, so have the repairs. They take a beating, get banged around, and are subjected to dusty environments. They are bound to have issues. We can diagnose hardware and software problems on laptops. Notebooks and laptops use different hardware than towers, and require an extreme amount of patience to work on. Everything is very tight, and just opening a laptop or notebook can make one dizzy.


- New Computer Set-up: Just bought that new computer and have no idea how to set any of it up?  Call us and we would be more than happy to help you.  We will ensure that everything is set-up correctly and all updates are done.  We will also ensure that it is set-up on your network.  We will also set-up any shortcuts you may want on your computer.  We will also teach you anything you may want to know.

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